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Booking open for free @CRY_UK heart tests in #Ealing #Hanwell #westLondon

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in 2017, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings, Ealing

Echocardiogram machine bought with money raised by Tom and Claire’s Fund.

Our latest free heart screenings for young people aged between 14-35 will take place on Thursday, April 6, at Drayton Manor High School, Drayton Bridge Road, London, W7 1EU.

You can book a CRY screening by going here .

If you do book, please make every effort to attend. If you can’t attend for any reason, please let CRY know. Our screenings have always been over-subscribed. If you can’t get there, somebody else can.

If you have any queries, please contact CRY rather than the school or us. Contact details for CRY are here.

We are extremely grateful to Drayton Manor High School, Tom and Ellen’s old school, for hosting the event.

To date more than 2,400 young people have been screened at events sponsored by Tom and Claire’s Fund. So to all of you who have raised the money which allows the screenings to take place, thank you. You have saved lives.





Please keep running up that hill for @CRY_UK

Posted by on Jan 3, 2017 in 2017, Cardiac Risk in the Young, Tom Clabburn

Tom Clabburn

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of Tom’s death. It’s a decade in which so many have campaigned and fund-raised in his memory for Cardiac Risk in the Young.

So this, of course, is to ask you not to stop. Why? Because by the time October’s anniversary comes around, we will have lost 6,000 or more young people aged between 14-35 since that day in 2007. How many could have been saved by a national heart screening programme? The vast majority.

Yet nothing looks likely to change in the short-term. The UK National Screening Committee, which advises the Government, isn’t due until 2018/2019 to review its advice – which is currently not to recommend a screening programme. That means you can add another 600-1200 young deaths to the total before there’s even a chance that things might change.

It’s a frustrating situation. We know that CRY’s research is rooted in the more than 100,000 screenings it has carried out. We know that its screening programme is led by an internationally acknowledged expert, in Professor Sanjay Sharma. We know from the evidence of Tom and Claire’s Fund screenings that cardiac testing can help to identify those who need further medical intervention (evidence which is also reflected at countless CRY family screenings throughout the UK and at CRY’s national screening centre).

None of that seems to be enough.

We, therefore, begin a new year with an old plea: there are loads of good causes out there but please consider supporting Tom and Claire’s Fund and CRY. We’re holding two more screening days in Ealing in Spring and Autumn, 2017, and it’s only through your commitment that such events can take place.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and healthy new year.

Paul and Ellen x




BBC book sale raises £650 for @CRY_UK

Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in 2016, BBC, Book sale, Cardiac Risk in the Young, Claire Prosser, Fund-raising event, Tom Clabburn

CRY, BBBC book sale, December 2016

Left to right, Mariita, Ruth, Jacky and Anne Marie.

A book sale at the BBC’s New Broadcasting House headquarters raised £650 for Tom and Claire’s Fund and CRY.

The event, on Thursday, December 1, the second anniversary of Claire’s death, was organised by her friend and colleague Ruth Akins-Arulanandam.

“We had a wonderful contribution of books from 5Live (Jessica Latimer) and we also had an unexpected top up of from the Victoria Derbyshire show (Monica Soriano),” said Ruth.

“The lovely Lorna Donlon bought in some gorgeous chocolate cakes which were sold within the hour.

“The book sale wouldn’t have happened without Gillian Dear who organised the space and helped collect the books in the lead-up to the event. On the day we had Suzanne Yates, Jacky Hems, Mariita Eager, Anne Marie Ballantyne, Madeline Ferguson, Dhruti Shah and Smitha Mundasad helping to sell as much as they could in aid of CRY.

“It was a day tinged with sadness as it has been two years since the passing of our dear friend Claire. This made us all the more determined to raise as many funds as we could in memory of Claire and Tom.

“It was lovely to spend the day with Claire’s friends and former colleagues, remembering her; she is missed by so many people. The sale came to a wonderful end when we realised how much we had raised in aid of CRY.

“Suzanne Yates also took the opportunity to take the remaining books to Oxfam on Marylebone high street, something Claire used to do herself at the end of a book sale.”

Ellen Clabburn said: “We really appreciate the effort made by Ruth and all those who helped. It was a lovely thing to do as Mum specialised in book sales for CRY. They are such a good way to raise both funds and awareness.”





More than 90 screened by @CRY_UK in #Ealing heart tests

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings

CRY Ealing screenings, Ealing, November 2017

CRY screening team members, back row left to right, Jodie Egerton, Tony Hill, Dr Keerthi Prakash, Sheila Pitt and (front) Irish Joy.

Ninety-eight young people were tested at the latest free CRY heart screenings sponsored by Tom and Claire’s Fund on Sunday, November 6.

Some were referred for further tests.

A total of £158 was also donated during the event at the Florence Road surgery, Florence Road, Ealing, and Paul Clabburn said: “We’re very grateful for the donations made on the day and, of course, to those who have raised money so that the event could take place.

“Yet again we also owe a huge debt of gratitute to the CRY team for their dedication and professionalism and to Dr Evans and his staff for hosting the event.”

More free Tom and Claire’s Fund sponsored heart screenings are planned to take place in Ealing in spring and autumn, 2017.

But if you are aged between 14-35 and want to be tested before that, you can find further information and a calendar of all CRY’s heart screenings here.












Open for booking: free @CRY_UK heart screenings in #Ealing #London

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in 2016, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings

CRY April 2015 2_edited-1

The latest free heart screenings for 14-35 year olds sponsored by Tom and Claire’s Fund are now open for booking here.

The screenings take place on Sunday, November 6, at Florence Road Surgery, 26 Florence Road, London, W5 3TX. We are grateful to Dr Evans and the team for hosting the event but, if you have any queries, please contact CRY here, not the surgery or us.

The nearest tube is Ealing Broadway and there is a multi-storey car park close by at Ealing Broadway shopping centre.




More @CRY_UK screenings to mark Tom and Claire’s anniversaries

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings

CRY St George's launch event

The ECG your fund-raising bought in Tom and Claire’s name.

We’re supporting further CRY heart screenings in the next three months to mark the anniversaries of Tom’s death on October 5 and Claire’s on December 1.

Earlier this year, the Fund sponsored six of CRY’s regular subsidised screenings at its testing centre at St George’s hospital in Tooting. We did so because we believe that it is better for the money you have raised to be used proactively, rather than sit in an account.

We’re now sponsoring five more screening days between October 8 and December 3. That there is a need is shown by the fact that the first two days are already fully booked.

If you want to book a subsidised screening at St George’s – they cost £35 – contact CRY. Details here.

If you want to book a free screening in Ealing on November 6, keep an eye on this site. Booking will open in the first week of October.

Take to the streets to support the #EalingHalf and @CRY_UK #Ealing

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings, Fund-raising event, The Andrew Carter Memorial Mile

CRY postcard campaign

Help to prevent 12-a-week.


This coming Sunday, thousands of runners will take part in the annual Ealing Half Marathon – and @CRY_UK and Tom and Claire’s Fund will benefit as an associated charity.

While it’s now too late to book a place to run, you can still get out on the pavements to cheer on the runners.

The event follows hard on the heels of the Andrew Carter Memorial Mile, organised by Ealing Half Marathon organisers Kelvin Walker and Sandra Courtney. That race raised around £1,000 for Tom and Claire’s Fund and we are very grateful to Kelvin, Sandra and the Carter family for their support.

To host each free CRY screening day for 100 people, the Fund has to raise £3,500. The practical outcome of the memorial mile is that it pays for the screening of about 30 young people aged 14-35. So, to all of you who took part, that’s what you’ve achieved.  Thank you.

Our next free heart screenings will be held in Ealing on November 6. Details on how to book will appear on this site in early October. You can sign up to email alerts if you want to be updated.