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Tom's Fund supporters

Tom and Claire’s Fund is about raising money and awareness for the registered charity Cardiac Risk in the Young as it campaigns to highlight the risks undiagnosed heart conditions pose to young people.

So whether you are able to make a donation, display a poster or join us at an event, it all helps. Whether you want to be sponsored to run long distances or to climb mountains or only have the time to hand out Cardiac Risk in the Young’s leaflets once a year, it all gets the message across.

If you are an individual, business or group who would like to support Tom and Claire’s Fund and CRY by taking part in or holding an event and want further information on how to do so, we’d be pleased to hear from you using the form below. Same goes if you just want to say “hello”.

If you are an individual, business or group who would like to donate to Tom and Claire’s Fund and CRY, you can do so online via Justgiving here  or mark your donation “For the Tom Clabburn and Claire Prosser Fund” and use any of the methods outlined here.

Thank you!




  1. Simply brilliant, what a great job you’ve done Paul. I’ve had both smiles and tears reading and loving the photos.

    Here’s to the next £30k!

    Big hugs as always

    • That’s kind of you Sue. If you have any pictures or articles that you want on the site, let us know. We’ve tried to find what we can but we don’t have everything. x

  2. What a fabulous job you’ve done, Paul. Very moving. Jxxxx

    • Thanks Juliet, appreciated.

  3. Congratulations on maintaining momentum to Paul and any ‘invisible’ helpers. Surely a labour of love.

  4. Great job with the site. So evocative. It hits just the right note. Long may the screenings continue.
    Mike x

  5. Thinking of you on Tom’s 21st. Xx

  6. I have lived with a child with a cardiomyopathy which ended with Leanne’s sudden cardiac death in nov 2015 at just 26. It turned out that she had ARVC,which my 30 year old son has just been diagnosed with as well’ Leanne is not one of the 12 a day statistics because she was pre diagnosed with heart failure. If they add on the non statistics to the numbers,that pushes the young deaths through the ceiling. My daughter was not expected to die because she had an ICD,her death was swift and shocking. Why do they prefer to ignore these victims of YSCD,are they not important enough to be recognised??? If they were counted in with the figures,the Government would be forced to do something. I am a great supporter of CRY,to date family and friends have collected a massive £8000 in aid of CRY and we hope to raise £6000 this weekend with a Summer Ball in memory of our sweet girl. Screening has put my son on the map for cardiac disease because of Leanne’s death,but that shouldn’t be,we were supposed to have been screened 10 years ago,but nothing was put in place. Screening should be compulsory at 14 years of age for every child born in this country,Italy put us to shame.

    • Thank you for commenting, that’s a very good point about the statistics. I hope the Summer Ball in memory of Leanne is as you would wish, it sounds a lovely idea.

  7. Thinking of you ten years on, praying for you and Ellen that you will find comfort in the knowledge that all the money you have raised has been such a benefit to other families. I have fond memories of teaching both Tom and Ellen in the Nursery at LEP.

    • Thanks Jan. Ellen says ‘Hello’.

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