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Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings

More @CRY_UK screenings to mark Tom and Claire’s anniversaries

CRY St George's launch event

The ECG your fund-raising bought in Tom and Claire’s name.

We’re supporting further CRY heart screenings in the next three months to mark the anniversaries of Tom’s death on October 5 and Claire’s on December 1.

Earlier this year, the Fund sponsored six of CRY’s regular subsidised screenings at its testing centre at St George’s hospital in Tooting. We did so because we believe that it is better for the money you have raised to be used proactively, rather than sit in an account.

We’re now sponsoring five more screening days between October 8 and December 3. That there is a need is shown by the fact that the first two days are already fully booked.

If you want to book a subsidised screening at St George’s – they cost £35 – contact CRY. Details here.

If you want to book a free screening in Ealing on November 6, keep an eye on this site. Booking will open in the first week of October.

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Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings, Fund-raising event, The Andrew Carter Memorial Mile

Take to the streets to support the #EalingHalf and @CRY_UK #Ealing

CRY postcard campaign

Help to prevent 12-a-week.


This coming Sunday, thousands of runners will take part in the annual Ealing Half Marathon – and @CRY_UK and Tom and Claire’s Fund will benefit as an associated charity.

While it’s now too late to book a place to run, you can still get out on the pavements to cheer on the runners.

The event follows hard on the heels of the Andrew Carter Memorial Mile, organised by Ealing Half Marathon organisers Kelvin Walker and Sandra Courtney. That race raised around £1,000 for Tom and Claire’s Fund and we are very grateful to Kelvin, Sandra and the Carter family for their support.

To host each free CRY screening day for 100 people, the Fund has to raise £3,500. The practical outcome of the memorial mile is that it pays for the screening of about 30 young people aged 14-35. So, to all of you who took part, that’s what you’ve achieved.  Thank you.

Our next free heart screenings will be held in Ealing on November 6. Details on how to book will appear on this site in early October. You can sign up to email alerts if you want to be updated.

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Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, Fund-raising event, The Andrew Carter Memorial Mile

Runners dig deep for @CRY_UK in Andrew’s mile #Ealing

Andrew Carter Memorial Mile 2016

Ready for the off.

The second annual Andrew Carter Memorial Mile raised more than £800 for Tom and Claire’s fund and CRY on Saturday, September 3.

Andrew was taking part in the 2014 Ealing Half Marathon when he collapsed shortly before the end after a cardiac arrest. He passed away the following Wednesday.

His family, who are keen to promote CRY’s work, said: “Andrew loved his life in Ealing which had become his home over the last five years. He was a fit and healthy young man who typified all that is great in life. He loved all sports, especially running, swimming, and football.

Ealing Half Marathon organisers Sandra Courtney and Kelvin Walker, who organised the race, said: “We were delighted that over 70 people took part, with local runners joining family and friends in completing the mile.  The winner was Jonathan Horan in a time of 05:20 with the leading woman being Sophie Foxall in 06:47.

“Well done and huge thanks to everyone that came along and helped to raise funds for such a great cause.”

Paul Clabburn said: “We’re very grateful to Andrew’s family and all the runners for making such a wonderful contribution to the Fund in support of CRY. The next free CRY heart screenings taking place in Ealing for young people aged 14-35 will be held in November.”

Details on how to book will appear on this site nearer the time. You can subscribe to this blog by email if you want to be alerted to when booking opens.




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Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY screenings

A message from @CRY_UK to Tom & Claire’s Fund supporters

CRY April 2015 2_edited-1

Earlier this year Tom and Claire’s Fund supported six days of screenings at CRY’s testing centre based at St George’s Hospital, London.

More than 500 people were tested and 29 have been referred for further tests. That such screenings can take place is yet again down to all of you who have raised money and awareness.

CRY’s Chief Executive, Steve Cox, sent this message: “In 2008 the friends and family of Tom started to support CRY in his memory. The first such screenings were held just a year later at Brentford Football Club, the final destination of the national CRY Philips Testmyheart Tour.

“Every year since, at least one day of screening has been held in Tom’s memory.

“This year, over 500 people have been tested in memory of Tom and Claire at CRY’s Centre at St George’s Hospital in London. The screening clinic in London provides a unique regular service which people travel from all over the country to attend.

“In total, over 1,800 people have been screened thanks to the support of friends and family of Tom and Claire. This will have resulted in six people being diagnosed with potentially life threatening cardiac conditions. These are conditions which will benefit from treatment, lifestyle changes or in some cases corrective surgery to remove the risk.

“An additional 18 young people will have been told they have a cardiac condition which is not life threatening but, by knowing about the condition now and having it monitored, it will prevent problems from occurring in the fourth decade of life, when it is too late and the damage is done.

“As well as screening hundreds of young people, the support in memory of Tom and Claire has enabled CRY to purchase an additional ultrasound machine, helping to expand our screening programme and test many more people. By offering an echo to every person at a screening who needs it, based on their ECG and symptoms, we are able to reassure more people on the day of the testing and minimise the numbers of people referred into the NHS for further tests.

“Since 2008 over £150,000 has been raised in memory of Tom and Claire. This year Paul and Ellen agreed to also support CRY’s research programme. Our latest published research has been referred to by leaders in the field as some of the most important in the area in helping to understand the causes of young sudden cardiac death.

“CRY’s research is also having a major influence throughout the world, refining the criteria used when analysing ECG’s. In the coming weeks we will be publishing a paper in a major American journal which shows CRY’s research has reduced the number of people who are referred for further tests by 20%. This is going to have a massive impact on making screening programmes more cost effective but also, when you apply this to the wider clinical practice, it could lead to huge savings within the NHS.

“This is just one of our most recent breakthroughs which would not have been possible without the incredible support of everyone who knew Tom and Claire. Thank you.”

We will be holding a further screening day in Ealing in November and will be looking at ways for the Fund to support further CRY screening events before the end of this year.

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Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in 2016, Awareness, Cardiac Risk in the Young, CRY London Bridges Walk, Fund-raising event

Team Tom turnout does @CRY_UK proud

CRY, Bridges Walk, June 2016

Team Tom IX – well, two-thirds of them.

Around 50 people walked for Team Tom IX in memory of Tom and Claire on CRY’s 10th Heart of London Bridges Walk on Sunday, June 26.

It was a fantastic turnout and we are grateful for the effort people yet again made. Given that this was our ninth year of walking, to maintain such numbers is remarkable and a tribute to all involved.

Ellen said: “It was lovely to see so many people and we really appreciated that they had given up their time to walk with us and for CRY.”

CRY, Bridges, June 2016

More than a thousand people registered for the walk.










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Posted by on May 16, 2016 in 2016, Awareness

Anniversaries and walking for @CRY_UK

CRY anniversary booklet


The latest in CRY’s series of booklets* on coping with the unexpected loss of a young person is about anniversaries.

It examines how people try to manage what can be a difficult day or time, best summed up by Alison Cox, CRY’s founder, who writes that anniversaries ‘become a focal point, offering precious time to reflect on cherished moments plucked from their brief lives spent together. Moments that are needed to serve a lifetime.’

We have anniversaries for Tom and, of course, for Claire too.

We also have a day, hopefully a bright, sunny summer’s day, that remains equally important to us; the CRY London Bridges Walk. Over the years it’s become probably the largest single gathering of friends who want to remember Tom and Claire. It is also, of course, a day in which the message is far larger than any single individual or family, highlighting as it does the shocking loss of young lives every year to illnesses which are, in the main, treatable.

If you can join us again this year, on June 26, we would love to see you. Details are here.

See you on the day!

*The other titles in the series are: A Sibling’s Grief; A Partner’s Grief; A Father’s Grief; A Mother’s Grief; Christmas. Details of all the booklets are here.


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