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Posted by on May 2, 2014 in 2014, Awareness, Fund-raising event

Maid of money

CRY Scarlett

Scarlett, centre, and friends. Photo by Tat Ming Mako Ng.

Students at the University of Bath took part in a Maid Cafe event recently, eating cakes, drinking tea and enjoying the entertainment – and Toms’ Fund will benefit.

The three friends who organised the costume cafe – which are mainly found in Japan but are becoming more popular over here – did all the baking themselves and made a profit of £81, split three ways into charities of their choice.

One of the main organisers, Scarlett, pictured above, had a personal reason for choosing to donate her share of the profits to CRY and Tom’s Fund in particular.

“I used to come round and have tea with Tom when we were small, and he was always making us laugh. I think it’s really important to get young people involved in fundraising for CRY and to go along and take advantage of the fanastic free check-ups they offer.”