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Posted by on Nov 30, 2013 in 2013, Awareness, Paul Clabburn

Donations and what’s next …

Firstly, and most importantly, thanks very much for the latest Justgiving donations from Liz and Alan, Ellen, Rob and Caro and Neil.

We have plenty to look forward to this week as, on Tuesday, Ruth Akins is hosting Claire’s book sale for BBC staff in west London. We’ve had lots of offers to bake cakes for sale too, to fit in with CRY’s Great Bake event, which is fantastic.

Finally, we said we’d try Facebook ads to promote Tom’s Fund and CRY during the charity’s Raising Awareness Week. We have paid for the ads ourselves as a family initiative, no money raised for Tom’s Fund or CRY has been used (It’s a bit dull to keep saying this but we think it’s important that if, say, you’ve slogged your way around a 10k, you know the money you’ve raised is only going to be used on screenings and research).

But was it money well spent? We think, on balance and despite the baffling nature of Facebook’s metrics, that the answer is “yes”. We’ve had a good percentage of new “likes”, so thanks to everyone who has given us a thumbs-up. Hopefully we’ve reached people who might not otherwise have been able to read about CRY. We’ll think about doing it again next year during the 2014 CRY Raising Awareness Week.

Have a good weekend!