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Posted by on Nov 23, 2013 in 2013, Awareness

Tom’s Fund Facebook advert supports CRY’s Raising Awareness Week


CRY’s 2013 Raising Awareness Week runs from today until December 1.

This annual event is a chance for CRY to promote its message even more strongly than usual. It includes Friday’s Great Cake Bake

Our contribution is to pay for a Facebook advert for Tom’s Fund which will run throughout the week. No money raised for Tom’s Fund or for CRY has been used; it’s something we as a family are funding.

We’re not labouring that point because we want a pat on the back but because we want to make clear that if, for example, you’ve run a marathon on the Fund’s behalf, your hard-raised cash is only being spent on screening or research, not on something that might or might not work.

Given how the nice people at Facebook managed to wreck Tom’s original group page, “Remember Tom, Support CRY”, we’re not overly confident about just how much awareness the adverts will raise. We’ll let you know if it’s worked or not.