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Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in 2013, Awareness, CRY screenings

Taking your child to a CRY heart screening

CRY Ealing screening poster, November 2013

The thought of taking someone to a heart screening can be daunting. Here, journalist and family friend Stephanie Smith reflects on her experience at the Ealing screenings on November 10.

It was fantastic being able to get my son, Fergus’s, heart checked out locally with a minimum of fuss in a really efficient way.

He will hopefully be off to university next year, and no longer living at home full-time, so it was an opportune moment to do so.

Everyone was friendly and welcoming at the screening, the paperwork was just kept to essentials, and an atmosphere of calm professionalism prevailed, which helped to overcome my son’s initial nerves concerning the procedure.

The test itself took no more than a few minutes, and after a short wait, and a brief chat with the doctor, he was back off to his five-a-side football.

It’s truly wonderful that medical professionals and volunteers give up their time to help, let alone the fund-raising that has gone on beforehand to achieve this, as it would not be available on the NHS, and cost hundreds of pounds to have it done privately.

Although we knew the bundle of fun, Tom Clabburn, in whose name the sessions were made possible, many people in the room had no personal connection, but were quietly waiting their turn, and grateful for the opportunity the CRY scheme gives.